BookMyShow — Booking Flow — Enhancements

This was my last and one of the most exciting projects during my short innings in BookMyShow as Senior Product Designer.

Enhanced Events Booking Flow of BookMyShow

Old booking flow

Lets take a quick look at the old booking flow

Events Booking Flow of BookMyShow — Older

Problem / Pain Points

  • Inconsistent Experience/Design
  • Event price is getting lost
  • “Event Name” and “Venue Name” is missing when the user is selecting the “Session”
  • “Event Name” appears in the “Seat Selection” screen while the “Venue” is still missing
  • “Continue” button changes to “Proceed’
  • “Proceed” button makes space for Booking Amount
  • How many more ‘steps’ to go?
  • Where will the ‘back’ arrow take to me?
  • How do I go back to ‘Synopsis’ page?
  • How do I ‘cancel’ the flow?

Enhanced Flow

Synopsis Screen
While the redesign of ‘Synopsis’ screen is still due but we made a slight improvement in the synopsis screen so that it can ease the decision making of the user.

We made the “price” more prominent and introduced the new “Primary Button”.

New Header
Consistent header across the flow to display the ‘Event Name’ with options to go ‘back’ or ‘cancel’ the flow.

Progress Tracker
There are three primary reasons to use a stepped process:

  • Logically group input data and ease of Selection
  • Set clear expectations for the user
  • Track progress within a complex process

Read more why Progress Trackers are helpful

How the Progress Trackers keep the users informed of the selection they have already made, what are they suppose to do now and how far they are from completing the booking.

How the Progress Trackers generates the itinerary and stills provides option to jump back to any of the previous steps.

Desktop Version

Consistency should be in the DNA of every Designer.

One of the objectives of this endeavour was to keep the experience consistent across platform.

This is the how the Booking flow will look in Desktop.


We did some internal user testing with the prototype and got positive response from the user.

I have already parted ways with BookMyShow while I write this post.

I am keeping my fingers to wait and see the user feedback when this project goes live.

Feel free to write a comment incase if you have any feedback.

Designer — Listener— Writer. A self taught Designer turned Developer.

Designer — Listener— Writer. A self taught Designer turned Developer.