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  • lliubashaa


  • Mackenzie Derival

    Mackenzie Derival

    Creating a world of abundance through design. Co-Founder at NodeApp | Ex-Google Designer

  • Binati Sheth

    Binati Sheth

    A writer, a reader and a thinker who writes on her website

  • Sriram Yarlagadda

    Sriram Yarlagadda

    Founder of Zeeker, the open dialogue Chrome Extension.

  • Nicole Saidy

    Nicole Saidy

    UX Designer @

  • Parul Gupta

    Parul Gupta Product Designer@Byjus | Interested in Behavioural Science💡 | Love for Photography📸

  • Designerrs Academy

    Designerrs Academy

    Designerrs Academy provides a safe learning space for designers across the world. With a vision to “Democratise Design Education”.

  • Ariane Moki

    Ariane Moki

    UI/UX newbie with lots of excitement passionate about travelling, wine, books, photography, and plants.

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