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Wondering how and from where to learn UX design online?
Are you looking for the best places to learn UX design online?

The problem

With so much content and courses available online, it is not easy to decide how to learn UX Design Online and the best platform or method to learn UX Design online.

Who is this post for?

This post is for anyone looking to start a career in UX Design or looking to transition as a UX Designer.

What’s in this post?

In this post, we will look at different ways and methods to learn UX design online and the pros and cons of each of these methods.

This post will help aspiring designers like you decide which is the right way for you to learn UX design online depending on your current status, skills, experience, knowledge, budget, and need.

Here are the 7 amazing ways to Learn UX Design online:

  1. Certificate course
  2. Online UX Design Bootcamp
  3. UX Design Learning pathway
  4. Degree program or a Graduate program in UX
  5. UX Design Nano-degree program
  6. Techdegree from Teamtreehouse.com
  7. Learning Track from Teamtreehouse.com
  8. Free Online UX Courses

Before we look at the methods, let us look at why you should enroll in a UX Design online course to learn UX Design online?

The best way to learn UX Design or any other skills is to educate yourself.

And the best way to educate yourself is by taking formal training or the best online UX course.

UX design is a process. You need to know what goes into the process and how to implement and enforce processes.

Making good design could be your goal, but it is the process that will help you reach your destination to deliver excellent design as a UX Designer.

Enrolling for the best UX courses has the following benefits:

  • It helps you validate the learning and provides a certificate or a degree as an acknowledgment.
  • It will teach you the process, the science, history, and theory behind UX Design
  • More importantly, it will save you time, help you stay focused, and make progress.

1. Learn UX Design online by taking a certificate course from these handpicked Best UX Courses

This method is best if you are a student or working as a professional looking for a career change and have a budget constraint.

With these best cost-effective online UX design courses, you will get the taste of UX Design. You will have a good understanding of the UX Design Process. You will know the fundamentals of UX Design.

Here is a list of handpicked, cost effective and best certificate courses to learn UX design online:

Benefits of UX Design Certificate Courses

  • These Online UX Designer courses are suitable for beginners.
  • You can complete these courses at your own pace without leaving your current study or profession.
  • These UX Design courses are Cost-effective.
  • Most of the UX design platforms, e.g., the Interaction Design Foundation, offer a free trial and a money-back guarantee.
  • With a single subscription, you can do as many courses as you want

Disadvantages of UX Design Certificate courses

Please read these courses’ details in my article, the Best Online UX Design Courses for beginners.

2. Learn UX Design online by Joining a Job Guaranteed UX Design Bootcamp Online

This method is best for you if you have a reasonable budget. You are very serious about pursuing UX Design as a Career.

Bootcamps also require you to dedicate a decent amount of time and effort to complete the projects.

Most the Bootcamps offer you the following:

  • A job Guarantee (this could be in a few selected cities)
  • One or more projects
  • Capstone project
  • Limited access to Remote mentors
  • Portfolio development
  • Preparing for a job interview

Ideally, it would be best to look for a Job Guaranteed UX Design Bootcamp, although this may cost you a little more. Not all the UX Design Bootcamp come with a Job Guarantee, so keep a check on this when you decide.

The best part of a Job Guaranteed UX Design Bootcamp is that you will not have to struggle to find a job after investing so much of your time and effort.

Here is list of some of best and handpicked UX Design Bootcamps:

Benefits of enrolling for an Online UX Design Bootcamp

  • Some of the Bootcamps come with a job guarantee
  • You get to implement an entire UX Design Process of a bunch of projects with the help of a mentor
  • You get access to Remote mentors to answers your questions and clarify your doubt
  • You get help with portfolio development
  • You get some level of placement assistance

Disadvantages of Online UX Design Bootcamp

  • Bootcamps are expensive, be very sure if you decide to go for it
  • You may have to leave your current job and dedicate full time

Please read the details of these Bootcamps in my article the best UX Design Bootcamps

3. Learn UX Design Online by taking a UX Design learning pathway

The learning pathway is described as the chosen route, taken by a learner through a range of e-learning activities, which allows them to build knowledge progressively. With learning pathways, the control of choice moves away from the tutor to the learner.

Here is a list of UX Design Learning Pathways:

Benefits of Learning Pathway:

  • Learning Pathways ensure that the “learner” is the center of an ecosystem of diverse learning opportunities.
  • A learning pathways is a flexible means to track the connections, skills, experiences passions and abilities of individual learners to extend a learner’s opportunity and develop their digital identity.
  • Learning Pathways can give learners the opportunity to put a currency on the learning they are doing outside of a formalised institution.

Disadvantages of Learning pathways:

  • No real disadvantage but it takes a lot of time to complete the path and it requires patience

4. Learn UX Design Online by a Degree program or a Graduate program from Coursera

Here is a Online UX Degrees and Graduate programme from Coursera

UX Design MasterTrack™ Certificate | Coursera | Coursera

From the University of Minnesota Master of Human Factors and Ergonomics.

Benefits of an Online UX Degree or Graduate Programme

  • Having a degree in user experience might make it easier for you to promote the skills you’ve acquired.
  • A UX master’s or a graduate degree can help you build your design portfolio as well as give you credibility when seeking to get employment in the field.
  • Ultimately, a UX design master’s degree helps you transition into a UX/UI career, especially when you have no prior connections or depth of experience to help get you hired.

Disadvantages of this method

  • Not really a disadvantage, but having a UX-related degree is certainly helpful, but it’s not necessary.

5. Learn UX Design Online by taking a Nano-Degree program from Udacity

More specifically, a Nanodegree program is a project and a skills-based educational credential program. You enroll, learn a suite of skills, complete a certain amount of projects that demonstrate your mastery of these skills, and receive a credential affirming your knowledge of these skills.

Learning in a Nanodegree program takes place primarily online, so we can say that a Nanodegree is an online learning credential program.

Here is a UX Design Nanodegree program from Udacity:

Benefits of Udacity Nano Degree program:

  • Real-world projects
  • Project reviews
  • Project feedback from experienced reviewers
  • Technical mentor support
  • Student community
  • Personal career coaching
  • Interview preparations
  • Resume services
  • LinkedIn profile review


  • These are expensive and may cost you up-to $1000

6. Learn UX Design Online by taking a Techdegree from Teamtreehouse.com

Build a portfolio, create a network, and land your dream job

Tech degree from teamtreehouse.com is a Bootcamp-style programs that prepare you for a high-paying career in tech.

UX Design Tech degree from teamtreehouse.com

Why a TechDegree from teamtreehouse.com

  • Built on the Treehouse Learning Platform
    Techdegree is built on the Treehouse learning style, with interactive videos, workspaces, quizzes and more.
  • Real-world Projects
    After completing Techdegree, you’ll have a well-rounded portfolio of projects to demonstrate your newly-acquired expertise.
  • Interactive Quizzes And Code Challenges
    Test your knowledge with quizzes or test out of subjects you’ve already mastered. Plus, use Treehouse’s interactive Workspaces to create staging environments for the code you write.
  • In-depth Code Reviews
    Peer reviews are an integral part of the Techdegree experience. Real-world job roles often require a lot of reviewing other people’s code and design — once you graduate Techdegree, you’ll have experience giving and receiving feedback.

What will you make while completing your Teamtreehouse Tech Degree?

  • Redesign a T-shirt Website
  • Wireframing a T-Shirt Website
  • Mockup a T-Shirt Website
  • Research a Grocery App
  • Prototype a Grocery App
  • Testing a Grocery App
  • Designing a Task Flow
  • Mockup and Present a Task Flow
  • Capstone: UX Portfolio
    Utilize user experience design principles to create an online portfolio of your work.

Try Techdegree free for 7 days , then $199 a month

8. Learning UX Design Online from these free UX Courses

This path is for users who do not have a budget or already have some experience/knowledge about UX design.

While being a self-taught designer is lovely, but it takes a hell of a lot of guts, determination, and time to become a self-taught designer.

Here are some of the factors that will help you decide whether you should take this path.

The downside of free course:

  • Course Content and Depth (the content is short and introductory, although some courses have quality content)
  • Because it’s free, it lacks commitment, and the completion rate is low
  • Lack of personal/community support

Free Courses is suitable for:

  • If you want to get a taste of UX design
  • If you want to understand what is UX design is all about
  • If you are independent and self-learner

Some more recommendations:

  • Go through the course content and depth
  • Check if they have a following advanced/premium course or Bootcamp that can help you advance your learning
  • Sign up for one free course at a time

I only suggest Time is Money. If you have time, you can earn money, but you cannot make money if you do not have time.

Best free online UX Design Courses for Beginners

Are you consider a career transition to UX Design?

Here are some articles that should guide you:

Here are some articles that should guide you:


Hope this post has answered all your questions in regards to how to Learn UX Design online.

Drop an email at theboringdesigner at gmail dot com for any kind of feedback.

Originally published at https://careercounseling.io on November 21, 2020.




Designer — Listener— Writer. A self taught Designer turned Developer.

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Designer — Listener— Writer. A self taught Designer turned Developer.

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