Learn UX Design for free

25% off on best UX Courses from Interaction Design Foundation
25% off on best UX Courses from Interaction Design Foundation

Who is this post for?

Students, Graduates, Professionals from different field, Business Owner, Product Manager, Developer or anyone planning to learn User Experience Design

Things to consider while looking for free courses?

Here are some of the factors that will help you decide whether a free course is worth spending time:

  • Course Content and Depth (the content is short and introductory, although some course have quality content)
  • Because its free, it lacks commitment and the completion rate is low
  • Lack of personal/community support
  • If you want to get a taste of UX design
  • If you want to understand what is UX design is all about
  • If you independent and self learner
  • Go through the course content and depth
  • Check if they have a following advanced/premium course or bootcamp that can help you advance your learning
  • Sign up for 1 at a time

List of Free Online UX Design Courses

1.User Experience Design
by SpringBoard

  • See what life as a UX designer is like
  • Learn how to conduct research to understand your users
  • Learn the process of ideation and sketching
  • Discover what a wireframe is and how to make one
  • Work through a project from start to finish to complete a wireframe

2. Introduction to User Experience Design

by Coursera

3. UX Design: From Concept to Prototype

from Coursera

  • Define and scope the design problem you will try to address
  • Create user stories and storyboards to transform information about user needs into design concepts
  • Produce sketches and conduct brainstorming sessions to generate many design ideas from which you can construct a high-quality design solution
  • Develop interface wireframes to concretize the design and enable early user testing
  • Conduct user tests with paper prototypes to get preliminary user feedback on the design concept and interactions
  • Develop high-fidelity mockups that specify visual design elements
  • Create Wizard of Oz prototypes to efficiently test complex interactions and interactive systems that are not screen-based (e.g., smart assistants)

4. Fundamentals of UX Design

by Tutsplus

  • Fundamental concepts of user interface
  • The anatomy of a webpage
  • How to find out who your users are
  • Create user profiles
  • Identify usability problems and prioritize solutions
  • How to design and run usability testing
  • Getting useful feedback from your users
  • Information Architecture and interaction
  • Using wireframing, understanding methodology, getting buy in

5. UX Fundamentals

by Gymnasium

6. UX Design for Mobile Developers by Google

on Udacity

7. Principles of UX Design

an email course by Invision

  1. What is user experience?
  2. UX as a practice and the roles that make it up
  3. Project planning and process
  4. What is user research?
  5. What are personas and why are they important
  6. What is information architecture?
  7. UX visual design
  8. Presenting and participating in UX reviews
  9. Beyond UX


If you are really serious and willing to start your career, here is the list of Paid Online UX Course for beginners.

  • Apply the learnings from this course to work on a Project
  • Build a portfolio that you can showcase
  • Start applying for the position of a UX Designer



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