Learn UX Research — User Research Online

Learn UX Research, User Research online

Here is list of Online UX Design / User Experience Design Courses for beginners.

Here is the list of some of the best Online courses to learn UX Research — User Research.

Students, Graduates, Professionals from different field, Business Owner, Product Manager, Developer or anyone planning to learn User Experience Design

25% off on best UX Courses from Interaction Design Foundation
25% off on best UX Courses from Interaction Design Foundation

Here are some of the parameters that you should check inorder to make the right chocie:

  • Level (whether it is for beginners or experienced target audience)
  • Quality of Video and Subtitles
  • Flexibility (Monthly, Annual or time bound)
  • Course Fee (everyone wants a return on investment)
  • Industry recognition (whether the institution is recognised in the industry)
  • Career path (whether it has a career path towards higher studies)
  • Course duration (how long will it take you to complete the course)
  • Course content and depth (Checkout or request of course curriculum)
  • Sample Chapter (Some of them provide a sample chapter)
  • Trainers (check the profile of the trainers)
  • Certificate (whether it provided a industry recognised certificate)
  • Students Ratings & Reviews (check the rating/review by students)
  • Students Testimonials (read the commitment from the students)
  • No. of students enrolled
  • Benefits (eg. offline reading, downloads, community, mentor, project..)

by Interaction Design Foundation

What you will learn

  • What qualitative user research is and why you should do it
  • How to fit user research into your own design process
  • How to plan user research projects that are valid and ethically sound
  • How to run a usability test, conduct a user interview, perform a contextual inquiry and make user observations
  • How to deal with the results of your research and apply qualitative analysis
  • How to make your research matter by communicating effectively about your research results — to clients, bosses and other stakeholders

by TryDesignLab

Master the art of understanding your user through this 4 week course on UX research. You’ll learn the in’s and out’s of user centered design and learn how to create key components of any customer research process. This course is perfect for design beginners and those new to UX.

3.UX Research at Scale: Surveys, Analytics, Online Testing
by Coursera

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn how web analytics works and how to analyze analytics data
  • Understand how to develop A-B tests, before/after, and multivariate experiments
  • Learn how to set up and analyze remote unmoderated testing studies
  • Analyze and report on large scale user experience studies
  • Learn about the different types and uses of surveys in UX research
  • Understand the survey population: when to sample, when to recruit
  • Develop a survey instrument that meets your requirements
  • Analyze and report on surveys

UX Research: Going Guerrilla

by LinkedIn Learning


I hope this post has given you some choices on the different kind of Online UX Research-User Research courses available.

Feel free to recommend if you know of a course which you think should be listed here.

Looking for an Online UX Design Mentor?

After completing any of these courses you would need a Mentor who can help you with the following:

  • Apply the learnings from this course to work on a Project
  • Build a portfolio that you can showcase
  • Start applying for the position of a UX Designer

Send me an email at theboringdesigner at gmail.com if you are looking for an Online UX Design Mentor



Practicing Designer — Listener— Writer. A self taught Developer turned Designer.

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Practicing Designer — Listener— Writer. A self taught Developer turned Designer.