Learn UX Research — User Research Online

Here is list of Online UX Design / User Experience Design Courses for beginners.

Who is this post for?

25% off on best UX Courses from Interaction Design Foundation
25% off on best UX Courses from Interaction Design Foundation

Things to consider while making the right choice

  • Level (whether it is for beginners or experienced target audience)
  • Quality of Video and Subtitles
  • Flexibility (Monthly, Annual or time bound)
  • Course Fee (everyone wants a return on investment)
  • Industry recognition (whether the institution is recognised in the industry)
  • Career path (whether it has a career path towards higher studies)
  • Course duration (how long will it take you to complete the course)
  • Course content and depth (Checkout or request of course curriculum)
  • Sample Chapter (Some of them provide a sample chapter)
  • Trainers (check the profile of the trainers)
  • Certificate (whether it provided a industry recognised certificate)
  • Students Ratings & Reviews (check the rating/review by students)
  • Students Testimonials (read the commitment from the students)
  • No. of students enrolled
  • Benefits (eg. offline reading, downloads, community, mentor, project..)

1.User Research — Methods and Best Practices

  • What qualitative user research is and why you should do it
  • How to fit user research into your own design process
  • How to plan user research projects that are valid and ethically sound
  • How to run a usability test, conduct a user interview, perform a contextual inquiry and make user observations
  • How to deal with the results of your research and apply qualitative analysis
  • How to make your research matter by communicating effectively about your research results — to clients, bosses and other stakeholders

2.Learn User-Centered Design with UX Research & Strategy

  • Learn how web analytics works and how to analyze analytics data
  • Understand how to develop A-B tests, before/after, and multivariate experiments
  • Learn how to set up and analyze remote unmoderated testing studies
  • Analyze and report on large scale user experience studies
  • Learn about the different types and uses of surveys in UX research
  • Understand the survey population: when to sample, when to recruit
  • Develop a survey instrument that meets your requirements
  • Analyze and report on surveys

UX Research: Going Guerrilla


  • Apply the learnings from this course to work on a Project
  • Build a portfolio that you can showcase
  • Start applying for the position of a UX Designer




Designer — Listener— Writer. A self taught Designer turned Developer.

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Designer — Listener— Writer. A self taught Designer turned Developer.

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