Invite — Discuss — Book

Local Vocal was a proposed chat platform that would allows users to plan & book a group activity or outing in few simple steps.

The Idea — The Winner — Introducing Local Vocal

The theme was to propose ideas that can help Cleartrip take the ‘Locals’ product to a next level.

Local Vocal is a chat platform that allows user to plan a group outing in few simple steps:

  • Start a New Discussion
  • Invite Users
  • Search and Recommend the activities of your choice within the Cleartrip platform
  • Vote for the ‘Activity’ of your choice
  • And ‘Book

Product Benefits

  • Increase in Sales — Through group booking
  • Increase Downloads — Inviting/Enforcing non Cleartrip users to download app in order to participate in the discussion
  • Real time user feedback — Lot of insights through group discussion/ chat data. What users like, what users don’t like
  • The platform can also be used to enable group booking for the primary cleartrip products that is Hotels/Flights booking

The Research

User Groups

  • College/School Friends
  • Family Friends


  • How often do they go out in groups?
  • How do they plan?
  • How often is the planning successful?
  • How satisfactory was the outing?
  • How do they decide on what to do or where to go?


  • How often?
    Every weekend, Alternate weekend, Public holidays
  • Plan?
    Whats app group, Skype group chat, Conference call
  • Success rate
    Less than 50%
  • Satisfaction
  • Decision
    The senior most, the experienced, team leads in the group decide

Pain Points

  • People have different preferences
  • Everyone will open different apps, take screenshots and make recommendations
  • Lots of time the decision are left to people who are less busy or who take the initiative to plan


  • Satisfaction is low and the blame in on the person who makes the decision


Designer — Listener— Writer. A self taught Designer turned Developer.

Designer — Listener— Writer. A self taught Designer turned Developer.