Invite — Discuss — Book

Local Vocal was a proposed chat platform that would allows users to plan & book a group activity or outing in few simple steps.

The Idea — The Winner — Introducing Local Vocal

First prize winner of the first Thinkathon competition held in

The theme was to propose ideas that can help Cleartrip take the ‘Locals’ product to a next level.

Local Vocal is a chat platform that allows user to plan a group outing in few simple steps:

  • Start a New Discussion
  • Invite Users
  • Search and Recommend the activities of your choice within the Cleartrip platform
  • Vote for the ‘Activity’ of your choice
  • And ‘Book

Product Benefits

  • Increase in Sales — Through group booking
  • Increase Downloads — Inviting/Enforcing non Cleartrip users to download app in order to participate in the discussion
  • Real time user feedback — Lot of insights through group discussion/ chat data. What users like, what users don’t like
  • The platform can also be used to enable group booking for the primary cleartrip products that is Hotels/Flights booking

The Research

User Groups

  • Working people — Office colleagues
  • College/School Friends
  • Family Friends


  • What do they on weekends?
  • How often do they go out in groups?
  • How do they plan?
  • How often is the planning successful?
  • How satisfactory was the outing?
  • How do they decide on what to do or where to go?


  • What people do?
    Movies, Dinner, Lunch, Theme Park, Outing nearby
  • How often?
    Every weekend, Alternate weekend, Public holidays
  • Plan?
    Whats app group, Skype group chat, Conference call
  • Success rate
    Less than 50%
  • Satisfaction
  • Decision
    The senior most, the experienced, team leads in the group decide

Pain Points

  • Not everyone participates in the discussion actively
  • People have different preferences
  • Everyone will open different apps, take screenshots and make recommendations
  • Lots of time the decision are left to people who are less busy or who take the initiative to plan


  • Plan fails
  • Satisfaction is low and the blame in on the person who makes the decision


Click the image below to experience the entire flow through this Marvel Prototype of Local Vocal

Designer — Listener— Writer. A self taught Designer turned Developer.

Designer — Listener— Writer. A self taught Designer turned Developer.