Online UX Design Courses for beginners

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Congratulations! You have made the right decision; if you are looking to start your career as a UX Designer.

User Experience Design is fun and it is one of the most in-demand profession.

Someone said it very sweetly and shortly

For tech startups, product experience is God, the rest is merely code.

Here is list of Online UX Design / User Experience Design Courses for beginners.

Hope this post can help you find the best online UX design course and start your journey towards one of the most interesting and in-demand profession “User Experience Designer”.

Who is this post for?

Students, Graduates, Professionals from different field, Business Owner, Product Manager, Developer or anyone planning to learn User Experience Design

Why buy an online course?

Here are some of the factors that will help you decide whether buying a course is worth than considering a Free UX Design Course:

  • Budget friendly as compared to Bootcamps
  • Deliver result and value as compared to free courses
  • Higher completion rate as compared to free course
  • Quality of content, Course depth is far better than free courses
  • Trainers are Qualified/Experienced/Specialised in the field
  • Some of the course have trial/money back guarantee
  • Flexible timing
  • Higher Commitment
  • Access to community

Things to consider while making the right choice

Here are some of the parameters that you should check inorder to make the right chocie:

  • Level (whether it is for beginners or experienced target audience)
  • Quality of Video and Subtitles
  • Flexibility (Monthly, Annual or time bound)
  • Course Fee (everyone wants a return on investment)
  • Industry recognition (whether the institution is recognised in the industry)
  • Career path (whether it has a career path towards higher studies)
  • Course duration (how long will it take you to complete the course)
  • Course content and depth (Checkout or request of course curriculum)
  • Sample Chapter (Some of them provide a sample chapter)
  • Trainers (check the profile of the trainers)
  • Certificate (whether it provided a industry recognised certificate)
  • Students Ratings & Reviews (check the rating/review by students)
  • Students Testimonials (read the commitment from the students)
  • No. of students enrolled
  • Benefits (eg. offline reading, downloads, community, mentor, project..)

Here is Online UX Design Course list

1. User Experience: The Beginner’s Guide

from Interaction Design Foundation

What will learn in this course?

  • An introduction to the areas of study categorized under the umbrella of “user experience”
  • Key design principles established over the last four decades that together form the basis of a user’s experience of a product or service
  • Key psychological principles that underlie these design principles
  • What cognitive processes underlie human-computer interaction, and how to design with this knowledge in mind
  • How visual perception affects the viewing experience
  • Examples of good and bad design to help you avoid common mistakes
  • The importance of usability over aesthetics

Why Join Interaction Design Foundation

  • 1207 Members are taking this course (as on 13th July 2019)
  • Because you get 3 months of free membership if you enrol for a year.
  • High Quality Content
  • Advance Career Guidance
  • Industry Recognised Certificates
  • Wide variety of UX Courses
  • Design Specialisation
  • Unbeatable Price (pay for a year and do as many as 29 courses)
    Price: Free for members. You can take as many courses as you want with no additional costs, once you become a member.
  • Self-paced online course
  • Permanent access to course material
  • Online lessons with optional physical meet-ups
  • Estimated time required: 9 hours 1 min spread over 7 weeks.

2. Become a UX Designer from Scratch

from Interaction Design Foundation

What you will learn

  • An introduction to the main areas of user experience work, and why it matters
  • The various UX roles in an organization
  • How to create UX deliverables — with downloadable templates on creating personas, customer journey maps, prototypes, and many more
  • How to go through the five stages of the design thinking process: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test
  • How to build a UX portfolio as well as land yourself a UX role
  • The confidence to work with clients as a UX consultant

More Reasons to join Interaction Design Foundation

  • 5243 students are taking this course (as on 13th July 2019)
  • Lessons become available at a schedule of one lesson per week.
  • Lessons remain open for you forever and have no deadlines.
  • There is no time limit to finish a course.
  • You have permanent access to your course material, answers, and classmates for the entire duration of your membership.
  • Estimated time to complete: 10 hours 13 mins spread over 7 weeks.

3. UX Design Fundamentals: Everything You Need to Know (and More)

from Skillshare

UX Design Fundamentals gives you everything you need to know about creating apps, sites and systems that are useful, usable and valuable!

Most instruction available to people who want to learn more or start a career in UX is, well…wrong. Typically, these courses or programs focus on disparate, narrow parts of a design/development process. the problem is that UX isn’t part of any process: UX IS the process.

Great User Experience only happens when you look beyond what happens on the screen, beyond trends and technology and far beyond what people say they want or need. UX Design Fundamentals shows you where to look, how to make sense of what you find, and what to do with it.

Everything you need to know about UX — from theory to methods to how UX really works in the real world — is here. I’ve cut out all the buzzwords and the jargon and tech-speak in favor of clear, simple instruction in equally clear, simple language.

4. UX Design Fundamentals

from Coursera

This hands-on course examines how content is organized and structured to create an experience for a user, and what role the designer plays in creating and shaping user experience. You will be led through a condensed process that acts as a roadmap for developing robust UI/UX design: from ideation and sitemapping, to the creation of paper and digital prototypes. Building on the design skills learned in Visual Elements of User Interface Design, you will apply this methodology to produce a digital prototype for a multi-screen app of your own invention.

By the end of this course, you will be able to describe and apply current best practices and conventions in UX design, and employ the fundamental principles of how UX design functions to shape an audience’s experience of a given body of content. This is the second course in the UI/UX Design Specialization, which brings a design-centric approach to user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, and offers practical, skill-based instruction centered around a visual communications perspective, rather than on one focused on marketing or programming alone.

These courses are ideal for anyone with some experience in graphic or visual design and who would like to build their skill set in UI or UX for app and web design. It would also be ideal for anyone with experience in front- or back-end web development or human-computer interaction and want to sharpen their visual design and analysis skills for UI or UX.

5. Product Design (UI/UX) Master Course

from Designerup

In this course, you’ll learn to master digital product design through a series of self-paced video lessons, projects and 1-on-1 mentorship. You’ll learn the entire process of User Experience Design and User Interface Design and how business and marketing decisions inform the product you create.

From ideation to finished product, you’ll learn to apply design thinking and come away with the ability to create delightful, user-centered web and mobile apps that people will pay you to use or hire you to design.

6. Learn User-Centered Design with UX Research & Strategy

from trydesignlab

Master the art of understanding your user through this 4 week course on UX research. You’ll learn the in’s and out’s of user centered design and learn how to create key components of any customer research process. This course is perfect for design beginners and those new to UX.

7. User Experience Design

by SkillCrush

Learn everything you need to build a high-paying, people-driven career as a UX Designer.

8. UX Fundamentals

from CareerFoundry

  • 1-on-1 online mentorship from industry experts
  • Learn how to design an app from scratch
  • Love UX? Proceed straight onto our full UX course


I hope this post has given you enough choices on the different kind of Online UX Design courses available for beginners in the market and has helped make the right choice.

Feel free to recommend if you know of a course which you think should be listed here.

Please help the community by commenting the name of the course you are subscribed to and your feedback.

Looking for an Online UX Design Mentor?

After completing any of these courses you would need a Mentor who can help you with the following:

  • Apply the learnings from this course to work on a Project
  • Build a portfolio that you can showcase
  • Start applying for the position of a UX Designer

Send me an email at theboringdesigner at if you are looking for an Online UX Design Mentor



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