Portfolio of a Product Designer

Portfolio of Parvez Ansari. A Full Stack Designer from Mumbai, India.

Parvez Ansari, Full Stack Designer From Mumbai, India

Research — Best React UI Framework

This was a Research project where I was suppose to identify the best React UI Framework that we could use to start the development of new SAAS product that we are working on. Read the complete story here

Comparison of Best UI Framework

BookMyShow — Booking Flow Enhancements

This was my last and one of the most exciting projects during my short innings in BookMyShow as Senior Product Designer. Read the complete story

Enhanced Events Booking Flow of BookMyShow

BookMyShow — Discovery Redesign

Redesigned the Discovery journey that included Home screen and the Listing of different products. Read the complete story on BookMyShow Blog

Design nuances of BookMyshow homepage and listing pages

BoomMyShow — Transfer Tickets

It’s never been easier for you to share your tickets with family and friends! Whether you’re buying for a group, not everyone is arriving together, or you’re gifting someone a surprise ticket — how to send the tickets to them?

Click here to read the complete story

BookMyShow — Transfer Ticket

Cleartrip — Mobile Web ReDesign

Re Skinned the Cleartrip Mobile Web to match with Tuxedo (Desktop UI of Cleartrip).

Cleartrip Mobile Web Makeover

At Cleartrip we are committed to keep the platform accessible so our customers can use the channels they prefer. The web is one of the fastest and easiest platforms to develop and maintain (as compared to other front end platforms), and testimony to that, this entire project took us just 2 months to complete.

Lots of our products/features use a single code base that is optimised for Desktop web, Mobile web, Native web.

Read the complete story on Cleartrip blog:

Cleartrip — Local Vocal — Chat Platform

Local Vocal was a proposed chat platform that would allows users to plan & book a group activity or outing in few simple steps.

The project was an Idea winner of the first Thinkathon Competition help in Cleartrip.

The theme was to propose to Product Ideas that can help Cleartrip take its ‘Local’s’ product to next Level.

Read the complete story

View the Marvel Prototype

Designer — Listener— Writer. A self taught Designer turned Developer.

Designer — Listener— Writer. A self taught Designer turned Developer.