Hassle free ‘Ticket Transfer’ to your family and friends.

BookMyShwo — Ticket Transfer Mobile Web

It’s never been easier for you to share your tickets with family and friends! Whether you’re buying for a group, not everyone is arriving together, or you’re gifting someone a surprise ticket — how to send the tickets to them?

BookMyShow now makes it easy to transfer tickets in a few taps.

Parvez always books the ticket of an event on behalf of his group (friends/ex-colleagues/Family members).

The Problem

  • The current version of m-ticket comes with a single QR code that can be scanned at the venue to allow entires
  • All his contacts live/work in different places.
    Not everyone reaches the venue together or on time.
  • Parvez has to inform all this contact that the booking is made
  • Parvez has to share the ticket details
  • Parvez has to remind them
  • Parvez has to ensure that they have left for the Event
  • Parvez and the other group members have to wait for everyone to reach before they can enter the venue.
  • If a group member gets late, the entire group might miss some part of the show.
  • It’s not easy for the gatekeeper at the venue to allow partial entries and keep a track.
  • Fraud Entries
  • Fight at the entrance

The Solution

  • Provide an option to ‘Transfer’ few or all tickets to your contacts
  • A feature to revoke the transferred ticket incase if your contact cannot make it to the event or cannot accept the transfer due to any reason.
  • Feature to allow the contacts to accept the ticket
  • Provide freedom to reach and enter the venue as per your convenience
  • Do not miss the show
  • No need to wait for your contacts
  • No need for partial entries
  • Reduce Frauds
  • BMS customers who book tickets for a couple
  • BMS customers who book tickets on behalf of a group (college friends/office colleagues /relatives)
  • BMS customers who do corporate bookings
  • BMS customers who book on someone else’s behalf
  • BMS customers who want to gift movie tickets or event tickets
  • After the booking is made
  • Through the BMS mobile App and mWeb interface.
  • From office, home, travelling and at the venue

The Flow

Transfer Ticket flow

Here are some mock ups of the mWeb flow

Transfer Ticket Introduction
Add Contacts
Contacts added
Tickets Transferred Successfully
Tickets Accepted and Pending
Purchase History of a Non BookMyShow user who has received the ticket

Nice to have features

While the above solution solves the pain points listed above.
Wouldn’t it be nice to allow the users to do the following:

  1. Create a ‘My Contacts’ list in BMS.

This will be a BMS specific contact list.

The benefits of this list is enormous which can be used for features like ‘Invite’, ‘Share’, ‘Transfer’.

Every time you try to use these features it will present you a list of your BMS contacts and also with an option to choose contact from your address book.

2. Track reasons for cancellation/revoke

Once a buyer has transferred a ticket, he still gets an option to revoke the transfer until your contact has accepted the ticket.

Once a contact has a received a transferred ticket he should be presented with 2 options

  • Accept ticket
  • Cancel (this feature is not built yet)

Asking the users the reasons why they are revoking the transfer or not accepting the transfer will help the product team to further enhance this feature.

Success Metrics

The feature has just been made live. We are all curious to get feedback from the users and get some data.

Stay tuned for a follow post…

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